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The triple sized Big Mac is now a thing

The triple sized Big Mac is now a thing

The triple sized Big Mac is now a thing
04 April 2016

Ever wanted to guzzle three Big Macs at once? Of course you have. Gastral space allowing, it’s the stuff of dreams.

But while belittling glances may have previously put you off this mammoth endeavour, hope appears thanks to McDonald’s Japan, which will soon be serving up Big Macs three times the size of regular ones.

Triple the size (and dangers to your heart), the wonderfully named Giga Big Mac supersizes this famous burger to the max, fitting in four patties and a mountain of pickles and that soggy middle bun, to go on sale later this week.

Just picture it now: the sweet nectar of that special sauce hitting your tongue, that wispy lettuce, those warm patties and hidden delight of the middle bun – all three times as much as what’s gone before. Worth the trip to the Far East alone.

Given the sheer size of it, however, you’ll need the hand-span of Godzilla’s to handle one.