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The Transforming Sofa Fort

The Transforming Sofa Fort

The Transforming Sofa Fort

A great sofa is your own personal sanctuary away from the stresses of modern life. It becomes a friend, a comforter, something to (literally) lean on in times of trouble, such as during a particularly excruciating hangover.

Well, prepare to ditch your friend, as there's a new, better friend in town. Barcelona-based designers Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera have created the Orwell; a cabin, or fort-like piece of furniture. You can fully lock yourself away with its heavy quilted curtains, which also block out light and sound.

Alternatively, you can still interact with the outside world (well, your living room) by having the curtains drawn back - but who would really want to do that?

It's just a design piece at present; the petition to get them commercially made starts here.

(Images: Goula & Figuera)

[via Design Milk]