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The Ten Worst Places In London To Catch A Train

The Ten Worst Places In London To Catch A Train

The Ten Worst Places In London To Catch A Train

When temperatures rise above 20 degrees and you’re hurtling underground in a sweat-can staring into an armpit who hasn’t yet made a courtesy apology, it’s easy to be scathing about London’s transport.

But walking a mile in someone else’s shoes could change the way you view your struggle. By which we mean, actually having to walk a mile to get to any kind of station.  

According to this map, there are around 36 ‘dead zones’ in London in which residents have at least a twenty minute walk to then embark on their journey.

The underlying theme is if you want to live somewhere green, you’ll need to adopt a new found patience and really love your job. Or get a car, but this is London.

Here are the ten worst places to live if you don’t want to spend 70 percent of your life commuting to work.


We hadn’t heard of it either. Probably because there’s no station until you cross the lines into Elephant and Castle. 


You’ll have to invest in a decent pair of trainers, but you could stroll down the fittingly mocking Ha-Ha Road. 


Waterfront property with amazing views of the Thames and great schools, the estate agents will tell you. Affordable because you’ll live in total isolation.


Bus drivers will become your best friends. They’ll take you to Croydon. 


Planes will soon become your most convenient mode of transport.


Your postcode will do nothing for you if you don’t have a car. 


Despite the name, if you want to get into the city, you’ll need to leave at sparrow’s fart. 


See you when you move house. 


Technically you can say you live in London, but you’re basically in Surrey with a commute to match the fact.  


Living by an ancient wood has its perks, until you get lost in it on the way to work. 


If you want to totally eliminate the possibility of ever having to walk a mile to a station, your best bet is the boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Lambeth, Islington, City of London, Tower Hamlets and Lewisham.