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The Tattooed Adidas F50 Boot

The Tattooed Adidas F50 Boot

The Tattooed Adidas F50 Boot
04 March 2015

Remember when we said that Adidas had finally seen sense and made a proper all-black boot? In the spirit of the election year, we're about to make a dramatic, predictable u-turn.

As part of its utterly ridiculous #ThereWillBeHaters campaign, Adidas has set about giving its nimble adizero F50 boot an inked makeover. And it looks spectacular. 

Gone are the comparatively drab three stripes, making way for a tattooed design, no doubt inspired by the accessory of choice of the modern footballer, that divides the left and right boots into a "love/hate" relationship. 

The left boot is given over to the "love" of the beautiful game, here represented by bold colours, floral patterns and... some wavy lines, while the right boot deals with the "hate" that can so easily boil over from an unjust loss, symbolised (worryingly) by a skull.

Set to be released at select retail outlets including Pro-Direct on 6 March, a set of these tattooed strikers will set you back £190.