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The Suicide Squad review round-up

James Gunn's latest superhero movie gets rated.

The Suicide Squad review round-up

We were getting a little nervous about The Suicide Squad. Usually when embargoed reviews are VERY close to the release date of a movie it's not good news. But we needn't have worried, as The Suicide Squad reviews are in and it's shaping up to becoming the best reviewed DCEU movie of all time.

We shouldn't have doubted director James Gunn. When a Twitter controversy meant he was released from Marvel - although he is now back with the studio - it wasn't long before DC snapped him up to direct another version of The Suicide Squad.

While he was a brilliant choice as director, it was the movie choice that was inspired. Even though the comic book had already been given the movie treatment a few years earlier, reviews were not kind.

Due to studio meddling, director David Ayer's vision was sanitised, humour was added and the whole thing was something of a mess.

Enter Gunn, who made his name at Troma and making low-budget horror movies - this is a director that can get very weird and the studio gave him free rein. The result: a full-force war film that does not hold back one little bit.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie is currently the best reviewed of the DCEU so far, so what are the reviews saying?

“The most fun and least depressing superhero movie in a very long time,” according to Indie Wire.

Collider says "it's the best DCEU movie yet", while The Independent reckons it's a "vast improvement" from the 2016 movie.

This is no knock-off of Guardians of the Galaxy, though, with SlashFilm notes that "it doesn’t simply repeat the Guardians of the Galaxy formula"

Empire's 4-star review also loves the fun the movie is having, saying: "Gunn has loads of fun with his mismatched team, enjoying smashing together characters who don’t play well with others."

Finally Total Film says that "The Suicide Squad is worlds apart from its The-less predecessor."

The Suicide Squad is in cinemas 30 July and available online from 5 August.