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The Stan Lee cologne

The Stan Lee cologne

The Stan Lee cologne

Thanks to the increased success of his many creations on the big screen, Stan Lee has enjoyed more time in the spotlight in the past few years.

And while we're all clearly envious of his fame, fortune and effortless cameo skills, we spend considerably less time getting jealous about his scent. How about you?

Well, yeah, about that.

The comic book mogul has announced that he'll be releasing his very own fragrance by the end of the year. The Stan Lee Signature Cologne is described as "fresh and sophisticated" and contains blends of ginger, basil, violet, bergamot and white pepper.

"Fans know me best as someone who creates superhero characters and stories for comics, movies, TV and the web, so this is a highly exciting step for me to expand into the cologne world as well," said Mr Lee. “Not only do I want fans to look sharp like their favorite superhero and their Generalissimo here, but I thought wouldn’t it fun to offer them the chance to smell like one to… whether they have a date or a rendezvous with an ally.”

So there it is, the closest you'll come to smelling like a superhero.

It's available for pre-order here.