The Simpsons just spoofed Donald Trump mercilessly


16 years since it jokingly predicted a Donald Trump presidency in episode Bart to the Future, the makers of The Simpsons have now found themselves in the unlikely position of imagining the billionaire in the White House for real.

For the latest episode of America’s longest running cartoon, Homer and Marge lie in bed watching ‘truthful’ campaign TV ads for Hilary Clinton and Trump, showing how the potential leaders might respond if called to the situation room in the dead of the night.

And, as ever, Trump is spared no mercy by the animators, painting him as a pale, ugly, bald man (think Darth Vader unmasked without the harmonica) who requires a dollop of bronzer and an actual cat for hair before he’s even able to get out of bed, let alone deal with an unfolding national emergency.

Evidently, it's not a great endorsement for the bewigged one but then when has bad press hurt his campaign so far?

Besides, with those luminous features and his cartoonish personality, he might be the closest living embodiment to a real life Simpsons character there is.