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The Rated One Star guide to 4 big streetwear trends this season and how to wear them

Still blown away by the bumbag trend? We've got you…

The Rated One Star guide to 4 big streetwear trends this season and how to wear them
06 September 2018

Streetwear. Pretty huge. Everyone’s at it, aren’t they? The celebs, people at work, even the old blokes down B&Q. (Okay, those ones might not actually know it, but still…)

Instagram, the finest magazines around (*ahem*) and oh yeah, the streets themselves can leave you inundated with outfit inspiration that you want to have a stab at, but aren’t quite sure where to start without looking like a bit of a numpty. 

Well, let us help you out with some basic starter rules. We’ve broken down four big trends (and a few extras chucked in there, too) so you can get involved fear-free.

1. Orange

Yep, just the colour. To ease you in because we’re nice like that.

Orange really is streetwear’s literal golden boy, and has been since the 2016 shows in collections from brands such as Balenciaga and Palm Angels. 

Since then, it’s dominated menswear, smashing everything from trainers to belts to full-on tracksuits, and you know what? We couldn’t be happier. It looks great next to denim, on things, over things and it takes sportswear basics to the next level like here.

If you’re not ready to jump into big pieces such as coats or trousers, start small with accessories – you’ll be amazed how versatile orange trainers are. The impact will still be just as big.

2. Fieldwear to streetwear

In other words, utility vibes.

The streetstyle cameras were all over this trend at the s/s 2019 fashion weeks. 

It tends to remain in menswear whatever the season in one form or another, but this year it’s undiluted and unadulterated. 

There’s no limit to the number of workman pockets you can have, clashing prints are to be embraced and bulky fabrics not to be shied at. 

One tip is to go for shorts over trousers, so as not to be overwhelmed by the look. But if that feels too wild, choose long socks (these and the top layers will combat any end of summer chill) and allow a pair of blue suede Converse One Stars to really punctuate the look.

3. Hardcore DadCore

First we had NormCore. Now we have DadCore. It’s basically the art of wearing stuff your dad’s heart would probably leap at, while actually making it look cool and edgy. 

Think awkwardly-proportioned jeans, ‘jazzy’ (but comfortable) sweaters‎, a lovely, baggy chino and maybe a little dadbag. You know, for things like Fisherman’s Friends that will blow your face off. 

It’s all about proportion with this trend, so if you’re going a bit loose in the trouser fit, get a shorter length or roll up your chinos to allow your suede Converses to take prominence. 

Match the boldness of your monochrome kicks to your jumper and then tuck it in or wear it baggy over your bottoms to suit your body type.

4. Maximise and accessorise

Let’s turn it up a notch – a look like this covers a few trends in one. 

You’ve got high-shine trousers, which are loose and comfortable and great at highlighting your trainers (which is where streetwear started). 

You’ve got your on-trend body bags and jewellery – you couldn’t get enough of these on the streets around the shows at London Fashion Week Men’s and we’re pretty pleased to see men finally embracing jewellery in a big way. They’re a detail that make your look personal and authentic. 

Then you’ve got a bit of utility in there with a vest like this that offers more fillable pockets than your heart could ever desire. 

And the best bit? You can achieve a look like this with pretty much any old T-shirt that you love. Even the ones that have probably seen better days.‎

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