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Racing Car Bags

A *Sterling* effort (sideways glance to camera)

Racing Car Bags
Danielle de Wolfe
22 October 2012

Let's face it, our dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver isn't ever going to happen. That said, it doesn't mean we won't ever get the chance to drive our very own Ferrari.

However, until we pluck up the courage to carry out one last bank heist (this is just a saying, we haven't ever robbed a bank, certainly not in Hendon, North London in September 2006) we'll happily settle for the next best thing - these leather Caracalla 1947 holdalls.

Inspired by vintage sports cars and drivers, the brand is named after the world-famous Italian racing circuit in Rome where Ferrari won its first race on 25 May 1947.

The label pays homage to some of the greatest racing marque, colours and drivers that the world has ever seen. with the Monza holdalls being the pick of the bunch. Our faves are the Stirling Moss no.7, the Lotus Clark no.8 (pic 2) and the Ferrari-inspired Lauda no.12 bag (pic 3), named after Niki Lauda.

You can view the full collection here.

Monza holdalls; £420; available from