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The pylons of the future

Things are about to change...

The pylons of the future
Danielle de Wolfe
14 September 2011

Now, we know what you're thinking. When it comes to pylons, your outlook is probably apathetic to say the least.

But when it comes down to giving the current, rather dull, designs a radical makeover, you can't help but agree that it's a great idea. Especially when you see the new alternatives.

The Pylon Design Competition invited architects, designers, engineers and students to rethink the design of the electricity pylon. Since there are more than 88,000 pylons in the UK alone and as the design hasn't changed since the 20s, it's a much-needed update.

The six shortlisted entries have been announced and you can see them above. Models of the designs are currently available for viewing at the V&A Museum until October 5th.

You can find out more information here.