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The original Game Boy is coming back

Time to dust off your Pokemon Red & Blue cartridges

The original Game Boy is coming back
10 January 2017

Have we peaked as a society with our technology? Are we now so disillusioned with cutting edge graphics and deep story lines that we must revert to the past for simple 8 bit pleasure? Well it seems so, as it’s just been announced that a replica of the original handheld Game Boy device, first released in 1989, is making a comeback this August with the release of the Super Retro Boy.

With the recent success of the NES Classic Mini, and the miniature version of the Sega Mega Drive, it’s no surprise that Game Boy has followed suit. This revamped classic, like the mini Sega, will also support your hidden away cartridges from your old Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.

There is some modern advancements though which will come in handy, as the Super Retro Boy will include a micro USB port, clearer screen, backlit display and a 10-hour battery life.

The USA only has a release date so far (August), with the price being an affordable $79.99 (around £65). And if it’s as popular as the mini Nes and Sega Mega Drive - which sold out almost instantly upon release – you’re going to want to keep checking back to find out the date, because these will not stick around for long.

But in the meantime, get up in the loft and dust off your Pokemon Red and Blue, because you’re about to waste many hours of your life that could be better spent on something meaningful.