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The Norton Security Jeans

The Norton Security Jeans

The Norton Security Jeans
17 December 2014

It's hard to think of anything less fashionable and exciting than internet security. But this particular product has managed it, with style.

An innovative collaboration between San Francisco-based clothing company Betabrand and security firm Norton has resulted in the creation of a pair of 'secure' jeans and a blazer. Both items are equipped with fabric in the pockets that block radio frequency identification (RFID) - the technology that allows you to use contactless payment, but also, unfortunately, enables identity thieves with a reader to copy information from your credit card or passport.

The jeans include two pockets protected in this way, while the jacket has one, so you can stroll about safe in the knowledge that no one is secretly cloning your card or stealing your identity.

Both products are being launched in a crowdfunded manner; you can currently order your jeans for $151.20 (£96) from here and the blazer for $138.60 (£88) from here - both products will ship in February if their funding goal is reached, which the jeans have already achieved.

Alternatively you can buy RFID blocking wallets and pouches, but - surely - these products will also stop you getting ill, right? You certainly won't catch a virus...

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