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The next epic Star Wars story is under the spotlight

A mystery about the fall of the Jedi is going to unfold on Disney+ in just a few weeks

The next epic Star Wars story is under the spotlight
Andrew Williams
26 April 2024

The Acolyte is the next big thing in Star Wars, and we have some fresh insights on what the show is going to be like.

In an interview with Total Film, star Amanda Stenberg explained some of the series’s setting.

“We are the prequel to the prequels,” she said. “And the prequels have this kind of prestige to them, this monarchical vibe. So one of my main questions going in was: are we going to maintain that sensibility? And yes, in many ways we do, while also incorporating elements that feel really contemporary and relatable. When I watched [The Acolyte] I was really struck by how universal the story was," she said.

The Acolyte is set in the High Republic era, when Jedi were far more widespread.

This is just a hundred years or so before the action of the “prequel” movies, beginning with The Phantom Menace.

It’s not yet clear to what extent The Acolyte will link with the events of the mainline films, but it does sound like the show has a conspiracy all of its own under the hood.

“The Acolyte is a mystery. It’s similar to Russian Doll, which was really about giving the audience information episode by episode, this spiral of storytelling,” showrunner Leslye Headland told Total Film.

Headland was one of the lead creatives on Russian Doll, the critically acclaimed show starring Natasha Lyonne.

Coming back to The Acolyte, Lee Jung-jae is Sol, a Jedi master who ends up investigating the disappearance and death of Jedi with a young Padawan called Mae, played by Amandla Stenberg.

The Acolyte also stars The Matrix’s Carrie-Anne Moss as Indara, a powerful Jedi master.

This era of Star Wars storytelling is about the fall of the Jedi and the republic, providing plenty of opportunity for The Acolyte’s mystery to take on a lot of weight and significance.

There are eight episodes in the first season of The Acolyte, the first two set to begin streaming on June 4.