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The new instant-impact moisturiser

Shiseido Men’s Skin Empowering Cream sets lofty targets

The new instant-impact moisturiser

Need a morning kick-start? You no doubt have a routine that consists of one or more of the following: a pint of coffee, an intense gym session, a quick dip in an icy lake. Although the final one is reserved for our Finnish readers. “Hyvää päiää” to you by the way.

Still, there’s been little that has similarly immediate effects on your complexion. Until now, that is. Skin Empowering Cream by Shiseido Men (£85 for 50ml) is the result of years of research and uses three key ingredients that it’s claimed revitalise the skin.

The first is antioxidant Carnosine DP that suppresses the lactic acid that causes muscle fatigue. Then there’s beech bud extract to promote dermal collagen production and improve elasticity. Finally argan wood is a natural source of vitamin E.

But it’s not just a short-term fix. Over a longer period, it’s claimed it will help to smooth your skin and improve its tone. It’s also been formulated with multi-layered ‘flat powder’ particles that effectively disperse light and claims to minimise the appearance of unevenness. Täydellinen (perfect).