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'The League of Gentlemen' is officially coming back to the BBC!

And it's coming very soon...

'The League of Gentlemen' is officially coming back to the BBC!
23 August 2017

If you’re of a certain age, or perhaps, a certain disposition, then you’ll likely remember The League of Gentlemen. It was weird, disturbing, altogether rather horrendous, but luckily, very, very funny with it. 

However, something which I didn’t realise, and that is simultaneously making me feel extremely old, is that it actually finished back in 2002 (not including the 2005 movie) – that’s an entire 15 years ago, mate. That’s how long it’s been since we saw them, and that is making me sad.

Still, old, good things get brought back, because that’s the way the world works – everything is a zombie, there are no babies being born. Thankfully, I like zombies, so I’m quite keen on a return for the Gentlemen, and would you have it, that’s exactly what I’m going to get.

There was first talk of new episodes back in April, thanks to Mark Gatiss’ Twitter account:

But it's all a-go, because the BBC have confirmed it proper:

So yeah, it’s defo coming back, and it’s coming back as soon as this year. We’ll be treated to three special episodes, that’ll commemorate the 20th anniversary since they first appeared on radio.

Patrick Holland, Controller of BBC Two, said at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

“It is hugely exciting to be guiding the channel as it evolves to be ever more timely, challenging and mischievous. BBC Two has a mission to question and innovate, so its success cannot be judged on audience figures alone. However, it’s fantastic to see the channel in such great shape with share up year on year for all hours and peak. I’m proud that we have shown such a wide range of highly acclaimed and successful programmes across the genres.

"I’m pleased to be announcing today a number of brilliant new titles for the channel, from an ambitious new history series telling the story of the 20th century to the much anticipated return of The League Of Gentlemen.”

Colour me excited.

Oh and also, while I’ve got you, I just need to get something straight: there is no evidence pointing towards the fact that I burned him, so can everyone please stop going on about it.

(Image: Allstar)