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The latest Apple update is breaking iPad Pros

Hold off on getting the latest iOS

The latest Apple update is breaking iPad Pros

Got yourself a nice big fancy iPad Pro have you? Been lording it over those of us still rocking our measly standard model tablets? "Size is everything", is it?

Well best you don't update your new toy gadget to the iOS 9.3.2, or else your super iPad could find itself becoming super useless.

The release of Apple's newest operating system update had been met with many users complaining that their iPad Pros are locking up: on restarting, users are presented with "Error 56", requesting them to plug their pad into iTunes. Only problem is, plugging it into iTunes doesn't do anything for the stricken tablets. 

At present, @AppleSupport is getting back to users experiencing problems on an individual basis, but no official fix has been offered. 

Best practice: DON'T attempt to update to iOS 9.3.2 just yet. Wait a week or so and Apple should provide a solution.

As for iPhone and regular iPad users - there haven't been any major issues reported with the new update, so carry on as usual.