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The Kurt Cobain Sticker Book

Stick em up

The Kurt Cobain Sticker Book

To come up with one piece of brilliance is lucky. Two in the same year is genius. So we guess arts label Belly Kids must be in the latter camp after announcing that they are to follow up their Bill Murray Colouring Book with a Kurt Cobain Sticker Book.

The book, entitled Kurt and the Gang features 72 stickers and printed illustrations designed by 13 artists from around the world, and documents the characters in and around Kurt Cobain's life including wife Courtney Love, fellow bandmembers including Dave Grohl, together with artists who influenced him, such as The Pixies and Daniel Johnston.

The book is released on 29th October and some designs from it can be found below. More information is available at the Belly Kids website.

If only we could think of a Nirvana-based sticker pun to finish with. Nope...nothing. Oh well, Nevermind.

Images: Belly Kids/Chris Golden/Patrick Schmidt/Paul Windle


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