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'Game of Thrones' fans are trying to come up with the worst possible endings for the show

Plenty for George R.R. Martin and co. to steal

'Game of Thrones' fans are trying to come up with the worst possible endings for the show
05 April 2017

With only a measly 13 episodes still to air, most Game of Thrones fans have probably given a little bit of thought as to how it’s all going to end in Westeros. 

I’m still undecided about my personal eventual outcome of choice, but it definitely involves Gendry’s rowing boat, dragon warfare, a gory demise for Littlefinger at the hands of Arya Stark, and some fourth wall-breaking camera-winking from Varys. I’m not massively interested in The Iron Throne at this stage. Work in progress, though, like I said. 

Anyway, the show’s conclusion is also a popular subject on Reddit at the moment, after Shaylw of the popular page ‘A Reddit Of Ice And Fire’ posed this question: “What’s the worst way they could end the series?”

As it turns out, there are many, many terrible ways in which George R.R. Martin could wrap up his beloved saga. Here’s what the great minds of the internet have come up with. 

Shaylw opens the debate. 

The top comment is somehow simultaneously an unthinkably bad ending, but also kind of the best one ever?

In fact, we found ourselves reading quite a few of the replies and forgetting the initial point of the thread. We’re supposed to hate these, right? 

We’re really on board with evil Cersei’s fate. Finally offed in the last season, her epitaph reads: “Here lies Cersei Lannister, poisoned or killed by a boar or something.”

Not having this one, though.


But it’s this comment that we think it probably the most likely to materialise.