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The homeless duvet

Bring the street to your bedroom

The homeless duvet

Ever look at a homeless person and think, "man, I wish I could be as comfortable as that guy"?

Yeah, we didn't think so. Well, someone try telling that to Dutch company Snurk. They've produced a duvet cover that actually resembles cardboard boxes.

Why, you cry? Well it "lets you sleep under a cardboard box so a homeless person doesn't have to" or something. Unsurprisingly, it's not gone down too well. Over in Sweden, it's being sold in a high-end department store and a Stockholm homeless charity feels rather narked, believing the product to be expoloitative.

The company is covering its back by donating a small amount of the proceeds to homeless groups. A spokesman for the NK department store claimed that "one buys it to show awareness". Hmmm.

If you fancy getting your own then all you need is £55 ($86) and a questionable taste in bed linen. Click here if you're tempted.