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The Forrest Gump mobile game

The Forrest Gump mobile game

The Forrest Gump mobile game

It's now been 20 years since Tom Hanks Gumped his way to the Oscars by comparing life to chocolates and the enduring appeal of Robert Zemeckis' hit movie has led to an new game being released, somewhat belatedly.

Run Forrest Run is an "infinite runner" game that's been officially licensed by Paramount and created by Genera Mobile in New Zealand.

It kicks off with Jenny uttering the immortal line before you, as Forrest, go on a long run, full of obstacles and, strangely, coins to collect.

Frustratingly, it's only available in New Zealand at the moment as a soft launch so if you're there then you can be smug and download it via iTunes here. The rest of us will have to wait. That's if our patience doesn't run out first. Yeah, we went there.

Here's a video which shows you what the game will look like: