The coolest cliff-side builds


A room with a view? You don't know the meaning of the term. 

At least, not until you've gazed upon the vistas afforded by these luxury builds. From design concepts to genuine properties, this gallery is filled with the type of architectural marvel that would turn the average Bond villain a violent shade of green.

And the prices? As steep as the cliffs they're built on. But we can all dream.

  • The coolest cliff-side builds

    Casa Brutale

    A design concept of OPA Works, the Casa Brutale "redefines the harmonious coexistence of human and nature in a poetic homage to pure Brutalism". Which is architect speak for, "pretty awesome, right?".

  • The coolest cliff-side builds 1

    Casa Brutale

    To the left, your infinity pool, sweeping past your staircase that doesn't even have a front door.

  • The coolest cliff-side builds 2


    That infinity pool lends an aquatic theme to the interior of the house, doubling as a giant skylight. 

  • The coolest cliff-side builds 3


    And this is the (fictional) view. Good luck keeping that window clean.

    (Images: OPA)

  • The coolest cliff-side builds 4

    Modscape cliff house

    Another concept design, Modscape's structure stands proud of the cliff face to improve views of the watery surrounds. Best not think about the effects of tidal erosion.

  • The coolest cliff-side builds 5

    Modscape cliff house

    We're not sure what it is about architectural design pieces but they're never keen on carpets. Or plug sockets. Or light fixtures. Or anything functional really. But gosh it looks nice.

    (Images: Modscape)

  • The coolest cliff-side builds 6

    Cliff House of Khosla Associates

    A real-life beauty, this cliff house overlooks the Arabian Sea in the fishing village of Chowara near Thiruvananthapuram in south India. 

    (Images: Khosla Associates)

  • The coolest cliff-side builds 7

    Festus cliff house

    Located in Festus, Missouri, USA, this wooden structure used to house a roller rink and concert venue. Now? It's a 15,000 square-foot dream home you're never going to live in.

  • The coolest cliff-side builds 8

    Montage Kapalua Cliff House

    Good news - you can actually rent this cliff home in Kapalua, Hawaii. And no, you don't want to know what the rates are.

  • The coolest cliff-side builds 9

    The Sleeper house

    This clamshell-style house on the shores of Genesse Mountain was built by Charles Deaton in 1963. Ten years later it sealed its place on the silver screen, featuring prominently in Woody Allen's sci-fi comedy hit Sleeper. It's price at sale in 2010? Just $1.5 million.


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