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The clip-on man bun is actually a thing

The clip-on man bun is actually a thing

The clip-on man bun is actually a thing

A new edict has been added to the constitution of male fashion law:

  • Don't wear black shoes with a brown belt
  • Never wear striped and patterned prints together
  • Ensure the tip of your tie finishes on the line of your belt
  • Never, under any circumstances, purchase a clip-in man bun

A familiar sight in the beautifying armoury of many women, the bun clip allows a short supply of hair to be worn up and neatly tied off in the style of a much longer 'do'.

Now, with the samurai-look boasting unwholesome popularity in hipster quarters the world over, a canny marketing team has seen an opportunity and made off into the sunset with it.

Groupon's US arm has been offering up 'clip-in man buns' for the bargain price of $9.99 - down from $65! 

Available in blonde or brown, the three-inch bun is tightened over the wearer's crown with a pull-string, before being clipped into place.

Come on chaps. We're better than this. Grow it yourself or stick to something more befitting. Like a hat. 

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