The Brilliant Bike Sock


Mention the words Spandex and cycling in the same breath and you'll probably provoke grimaces and leg-crossing. Put your fears aside - the Velo Sock is a tight-fitting wonder for your bike, not for you.

Anyone who keeps their bike in their flat or cluttering their corridor will be familiar with the frustration of bringing mud, grit and the great outdoors into their home after every commute. The Velo Sock is a simple, ingenious solution to the problem.

The bike-shaped 'sock' (though it's more of a sack) slips over the wheels of your cycle to help contain the dirt from your last ride. Impossibly flexible, the sock is made of 90 percent polyester, 10 percent spandex, fitting over the wheels of a bike up to two metres long.

Available in a variety of styles (army camo being our favoured look), you can pick up a Velo Sock for around £40.

(Images: Velo Sock)

[Via: High Snobiety]


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