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The Bold Nixon Passport Watch

The Bold Nixon Passport Watch

The Bold Nixon Passport Watch
28 September 2014

Do you feel like you spend the majority of your waking hours in a queue for airport security checks? Have your belt and shoes been through more x-ray scanners than your skeleton? Then you're looking at your next watch.

This chunk of polished metal is Nixon's Passport SS (that's stainless steel, nothing more sinister) - a timepiece designed to withstand the knocks and adjustment that comes with frequent flying.

Housed in 49mm of gleaming steel with a hardened mineral crystal, screw down caseback, the Passport holds a number of specialist travel features: a unique bezel control allows for quick adjusts for a second time zone, while a push button makes for easy adjustments to daylight saving.

Yes, a digital watch might do it without leaving a £420 hole in your pocket, but you'll struggle to find an electronic display that rivals the design of this fine watch. You can pick one up via the Nixon online store.

(Images: Nixon)

[Via: Freshness Mag]