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The Beosound Theatre: B&O's seamless cinematic soundbar revealed

5 things to know about Bang & Olufsen's latest audio triumph.

The Beosound Theatre: B&O's seamless cinematic soundbar revealed
Marc Chacksfield
31 August 2022

If your TV watching is in need of a high-end audio boost, then look no further than the latest aural wonder from Danish AV maestros Bang & Olufsen: the Beosound Theatre soundbar.

The Beosound Theatre, according to B&O, is one of the "most powerful and immersive" soundbars in the world and, as you would expect from Bang & Olufsen, it is also doesn't scrimp when it comes to its design.

The soundbar's modular design means that it can change with your TV-buying habits. If you happen to change your TV in the future and it's a different style and size, then the Beosound Theatre can adapt with detachable covers, extendable wings and more.

There is a lot to know about this cutting-edge soundbar. It's lucky, then, that we have compiled 5 things to know about the Beosound Theatre...

1. It's been designed for pretty much every TV screen

The Beosound Theatre: B&O's seamless cinematic soundbar revealed

B&O's TV line-up has always been as much about sound as they have about vision. But if you haven't got one of its TV, don't panic: the Beosound Theatre is meant for your current TV screen of choice.

The idea with the Beosound Theatre is that it will blend seamlessly within your current setup. How? Well, the soundbar can be both free standing or wall mounted.

2. The interface bracket is the ultimate de-clutterer

The Beosound Theatre: B&O's seamless cinematic soundbar revealed

While you can wall mount the soundbar, it's the floor-standing setup that is the most interesting. Thanks to the Beosound Theatre interface bracket, you can dock almost any screen to the soundbar.
The interface bracket is motorized (B&O loves a motor) and it is said to form a seamless connection between the stand and the TV screen. We've seen it in action and it's impressive, adding a little flair to proceedings.
The best bit is that this setup hides any clutter within its "one integrated design," as the bracket includes a compartment to fit smart TV boxes and cables from view.

3. It remixes tech from B&O's flagship speakers

The Beosound Theatre: B&O's seamless cinematic soundbar revealed

The Beosound Theatre offers up a whopping 12 speaker drivers, two 6.5-inch woofers and a 800w amp. Add to this custom-made centre channel, with tweeters and the mid-range aligned to make sure speech quality is optimised, and this is one sound bar that's been designed to banish Bane-style mumbling.

Anyone who is au fait with Bang & Olufsen’s flagship Beolab 90 speakers will know about Beam Width and Beam Direction Control, which was built to make it feel like, when listening to music, the walls in your house aren't there. Thanks to its direct, side- and up-firing speakers, the Beosound Theatre uses this tech but remixes it to offer up a much more immersive cinema experience.

4. This is one soundbar that wants to be the centre of sound

The Beosound Theatre: B&O's seamless cinematic soundbar revealed

If you fancy upgrading the sound of your TV, then you can use the Beosound Theatre as a base and add to it. With some seven built-in outputs and supporting up to 16 external loudspeakers it means you can have a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 surround sound in no time.

If you opt for this, then the Beosound Theatre becomes the centre of this setup. Not only that, its new bass management means that all the speakers work together, rather than just pumping out bass to a subwoofer.

B&O is also making sure that those who have bought into its products in the past are not left behind. Thanks to its fancy Mozart chip tech, the soundbar will recognise products as far back as 1986 - so best get your folks to dust off their ol' B&Os.

5. The Beosound Theatre has been designed to last

The Beosound Theatre: B&O's seamless cinematic soundbar revealed

The design of the Beosound Theatre is in keeping with other B&O products. Inspired apparently by "the grace of sailboats" (fancy!). The idea is that, despite the size of the thing, when it's installed in the home, it looks like it's floating. This is all down the the keel-like shape of the aluminium base, with curved ends, it rests on.

The actual cover of the soundbar comes in two variations: a solid oak lamella cover and a softer fabric one.

As for the longevity of the thing, B&O has made the aluminium 'wings' extendable, so if you decide to upgrade from, say, 55 to a 65 and then 77 inch (LG TVs have been used as the marker for this) then the soundbar will extend to suit.

The Beosound Theatre is available in a premium wood or fabric finish and pricing starts from £5,590. Head to B&O's official site for more information.