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The Amazing Alan Partridge Art Exhibition

The Amazing Alan Partridge Art Exhibition

The Amazing Alan Partridge Art Exhibition

There's no doubt about: Alan Partridge is a cultural icon.

There's virtually no social situation on earth that hasn't either been referenced by the great North Norfolk radio guru, or could be improved via one of his quotes. And of course, he appreciates the cultural greats himself: Chris Rea, REO Speedwagon and Wings, the band The Beatles could have been.

So it's quite surprising that, to our knowledge, there's never been an art exhibition staged in his honour. Until now.

The Moosey Art Gallery in Norwich is preparing for a show, which opens tonight and features art inspired by Alan Partridge. It's entitled Cook Pass Babtridge, a title which needs no explanation whatsoever.

The team behind the exhibition is Liam Painter, Rebecca Goddard, Frazer Bailey and Eli Davey, with Bailey telling Eastern Daily Press, “I’m a big fan and I saw this skateboard online [featuring Cook Pass Babtridge graffiti] and thought it would be wicked to do an Alan Partridge art show. Then I started putting the word around, and everybody was buzzing about it and really excited. There’s lots of Partridge art and it’s all different. It’s a real show for Partridge fans with lots of niche stuff as well as more obvious references.”

Asked whether Alan himself would be a fan, he said “I think Partridge would love it. He’d be really arrogant about it and maybe sit on a throne in the corner. He would especially love the big portrait.”

All work will be for sale, with an opening event happening tonight (30 July) at 6:30pm. The exhibition will run until 21 August, with opening times Tuesday to Saturday 10am-6pm - and it's free entry too. Head to for more information.

Meanwhile, we've got nine of our favourite works from the show below - take a look and then head down and see the rest.

(Images: Grem, Mr Penfold, Vinnie Nylon, Will Barras, The London Police, Mr Millerchip, Mister Skribs, Jamie Andrews, Obit, Liam Clark, Joel Benjamin, Zhion, Parlee ERZ, Ruth Knapp, Liam Painter, Anthony Zinonos, Gnasher, Tim Biddle, John Scarratt, Matt Whitehead, Print To The People, Ro, Henry Boon and Anmar Mirza)