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The 10 Star Wars Force Awakens toys you should probably buy this Christmas

The 10 Star Wars Force Awakens toys you should probably buy this Christmas

The 10 Star Wars Force Awakens toys you should probably buy this Christmas
08 December 2015

Capable of turning even grown men into babbling, childish lumps of goo, Disney's merch for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has Christmas all over it.

Nephews, sons, daughters, siblings, secret Santa presents that went drastically over budget - whoever the recipient, the playthings we've listed below should have you covered.

Merry Sith-mas.


The last time you launched a large Millennium Falcon 200ft across a room without holding onto it, you probably caused a lot of smashing, some crying and provoked an older sibling into smacking you in the face. This light-frame and new drone tech means you can finally fly this iconic spacecraft remotely without any worries whatsoever. Forget Obama's war on terror, this is what drones were made for.



Santa just won’t be remotely prepared to handle the shipment orders on this ridiculous piece of tech, somehow able to move nimbly around corners at 5mph and controlled via a smartphone. Read our review on it here and, before long, you too will have forgotten who R2-D2 is.


Cheaper BB-8

High-tech BB-8 a bit too rich for your blood? What you might not know is that there's a cheaper version retailing for £29.99 and still capable of making you feel like you've stolen a prop from the set. Boasting voice activation, a pause three seconds after speaking will see him speed off somewhere. Ask him to bring you a drink and hope for the best.



This reworking of a classic sees you given a dual joystick and a caboodle of functions to play with. Pre-program a series of commands for as long as you like and watch him go…right before some smart-arse comes along with tooth floss and inevitably brings you back down to earth.



If you’re going to be a badass villain draped in black with a tricked-out lightsaber, you’re going to want to arrive on planets in style. Like Kylo Ren, whose menacing command shuttle could well be a new collector’s special. Or at the very least worthy of a place on your desk.


LEGO Poe's X-wing

But, of course, with the dark side must come the light, and so behold: Poe’s X-Wing Fighter, packed with features including 4 spring-loaded shooters, opening wings, space for a mini BB-8 (it is a cute little addition) and a ladder. Yes, a ladder - you have to think of real detail when going to war in space.



That battered old Falcon in the attic could do with an upgrade. Leaner and meaner than ever before, this latest edition comes packed with enough detail and intricate design (hatches, sensor dish, spring-loaded guns, hyper drive) that even Han's hair is grey. If that doesn't make you feel old, nothing will.

Kylo Ren's Lightsaber

Not only does it make Darth Maul’s double-edged decapitator look old-hat, this one even comes with motion-sensor sounds and battle clash rumble, which means as soon as another lightsaber is in the vicinity the two devices pair up. One for the nephews, right? Yeah, we believe you.



If you’re really going to take your next fancy dress party seriously, you need this voice changer mask, allowing you to sound just like Kylo Ren by the flick of a button. Might want to wait until after the film’s 17 December release mind, or else you'll look a bit weird.



They don't make them like they used to. And that's a good thing. This deluxe Darth is fully kitted out with training and battle modes, meaning he effectively learns his own movements as you move his limbs and help him swing his lightsaber. As we can attest from having had a play with it, it’s all very odd - even creepy at times - as his arms feel like they’re almost moving themselves, but still, it’s seriously good fun. You just can’t whack a classic, can you?