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Tenet trailer: Chris Nolan's latest movie in surprise Fortnite reveal

Nolan's latest is a twisty timey wimey tale.

Tenet trailer: Chris Nolan's latest movie in surprise Fortnite reveal

The official trailer for Christopher Nolan's Tenet has been released and, in a surprising move, it was debuted in Fortnite.

Now, Nolan is usually a filmmaker with a foot firmly in the old school. His views on watching his movies on phones are well documented, with him preferring us all to go to the biggest IMAX and savour his stuff on the big screen.

So to see Tenet's trailer get its premiere in Fortnite is an eye opener and you would think something that was pushed by marketing execs and not the man himself.

But that isn't the case, according to Donald Muster, Creative Director of Epic Games - the creators of Fortnite.

In a Tweet, he outlined that it was Nolan who wanted to be in Fortnite as it's the closest thing the world has to the cinema experience right now.

As for the trailer. It is fantastic and typically Nolan, giving nothing away but teasing a world where it looks like time can be manipulated and it's down to secret agent John David Washington to help save us all from World War III.

There's an all-star cast here. Washington is fresh from BlacKkKlansman, while Robert Pattinson, Michael Caine and Elizabeth Debicki also star.

We still don't have a Tenet release date, for obvious reason but the trailer is bolshy enough to say the movie will be "In Theaters".

Here's hoping that will be the case and we will all be able to grab some popcorn and watch things on the big screen soon.

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