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There's a new service that let's you anonymously tell your ex you've given them an STI

Because mature, adult communication is extremely boring

There's a new service that let's you anonymously tell your ex you've given them an STI

Look: we get it. Telling someone you have an STI has gotta be a difficult conversation. Talking about sex with someone you used to but no longer have sex with: difficult. Adding in the fact that you may or may not have given them an STI: worse. Way worse.

So you can understand why a new scheme, which allows people to anonymously tell their ex-partners about potential STIs, is proving so popular.

The scheme, being trialled by Virgin Care in Teeside, is an attempt to stop STIs from spreading in the area. 

Service users will just have to provide a mobile number or email address of exes, who’ll then receive an anonymous message letting them know they’re at risk of an infection. 




“Notifying partners has always been an important part of the battle against the spread of sexually transmitted infections,” Steve Giles, service manager for Teesside’s sexual health services, told The Sun.

“This new tool is faster and potentially a more effective way of ensuring people who are at risk get themselves tested, and don’t end up passing infections on. It’s hoped the opportunity to add further partners using a private online system from the comfort of home will mean people who test positive will feel more confident at notifying everyone they have had sexual contact with.”

Alternatively: you could have a mature, respectful adult conversation with someone. But that sounds boring.