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Guy Ritchie and Ted Baker's new shoppable short film demands your attention

Guy Ritchie exec produces the glossy spy-themed ad

Guy Ritchie and Ted Baker's new shoppable short film demands your attention
09 September 2016

Some welcome news for men with a love for classic spy cinema, British style and shameless puns.

Full time cheeky chappy and occasional filmmaker Guy Ritchie has executive produced a short new shoppable film in conjunction with Ted Baker. Directed by Crowns & Owls, it's got Ritchie's imprints all over it. What's more, happen to like anything you see being worn, just click it and buy.

The four minute video focuses on agents being called together by their leader T.E.D in London after some sartorial garments were stolen by a villain called Needle, and they are recruited to apprehend him. Not exactly the North Korean nuclear crisis, but, weirdly, it works. Possibly helped by the fact Ritchie was the same man behind the recent glossy big screen reboot of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. but definitely because the sartorial value is off the charts.

Click here to see the new short

It also features some fantastic names, such as Manny Quinn and Penny Loafer, and you can shop all their AW16 looks at the touch of a button, from camel coats to leather satchels to tailored suits, which are added to your shopping bag while the short film plays on.

The unashamed puns puns are enough reason alone to watch the video, so check it out over at Ted Baker now