Sylvanian Families with dark, twisted captions is funnier than you can imagine

Posted by
Dave Fawbert

The Eighties were a simpler time. No internet, mobile phones were the size of breezeblocks and shoulder pads were the height of sophistication.

And toward the end of the decade, a charming new toy hit the market, promptly becoming a hit with kids everywhere: Sylvanian Families, comprised of adorable animal families going about their daily lives in beautiful, tranquil surroundings, where everyone was friendly, and everyone lived happily ever after.

But, in 2017, the internet has turned us all into cyncial, snarky bastards who delight in seeing the worst in everything. And, in the case, of Forest Fr1ends, a parody Twitter and Tumblr account which exposes the dark underbelly of life in Sylvania, that's a quality which produces hilarious results.

You'll never look at those rabbits the same way again...