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Swim swagger

Swim swagger

Swim swagger

Stir up poolside envy by taking the plunge with swim shorts that embrace bold colours and retro prints

Main image: Yellow and orange repeat pattern print swim shorts £140 by FB COLLECTION;

1. Blue and white striped swim shorts £22 by RIVER ISLAND; 0844-576 6444.

2. Purple and green paisley print swim shorts £69 by HOM;

3. Green swimshorts with boat print £135 by MYO;

4. Navy and white stripe swim shorts with yellow drawstring tie £55 by TOMMY HILFIGER; 020-7479 7550.

5. White and blue check swim shorts £400 by LOUIS VUITTON;

6. Yolk-coloured ‘Endangered Bee’ print swim shorts £80 by RIZ;

7. Dark blue printed shorts £48 by TED BAKER;

8. Orange swim shorts with blue and white stripes £75 by POLO RALPH LAUREN;