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The ending of the Swedish version of 'Finding Dory' is unexpectedly X-rated

What a climax

The ending of the Swedish version of 'Finding Dory' is unexpectedly X-rated
04 April 2018

Have you seen Finding Dory? It’s good, and not to spoil the ending or anything, but I reckon it’s suitable for the kiddies. I don’t think it’ll traumatise or influence them too much - it’s a nice, breezy film about a bunch of colourful fish on a big adventure. SFW, basically.

But not if you watch it in Sweden. If you get yourself on Swedish Netflix and load it up, then you’re in for a right surprise at the film’s denouement, and one that any nearby children should be aggressively shielded from.

Ban this sick filth:

Yep, that’s the word ‘slut’ appearing through the water there, nicely sealing off the lovely friendly fish film. Hope you enjoyed the film kids, SLUT. What a cute ending, SLUT. Ah, I feel all nice and warm and fuzzy inside now.


Anyway, as you have probably gathered, ‘slut’ essentially means ‘final’, or ‘the end’ in Swedish, so it all makes sense when you think about it - apologies if I’ve ruined the clip for you. Or, if like most people, you stopped reading this article as soon as the video finished, this little epilogue will have done nothing to diminish the impact of the ending. Well done you!


(Image: Disney)