Superb Marvel Character Portraits


Do you see yourself as an accomplished doodler? Are you quietly proud of the stick figure action montage you mocked up in a margin during that tedious 9am meeting last week? Prepare to be humbled by the sketching skills of Kris Anka. 

A talented cover artist and illustrator, Anka may have had a little more practice than the average office day-dreamer. With a portfolio covering just about every major Marvel character to have walked the cover of a comic, Anka's Marvel NOW series gives the most significant heroes (and several villains) of the Marvel world a flattering profile portrait. Only partially coloured and detailed, the work-in-progress feel of the drawings gives an insight into the process comic art goes through before becoming a glistening piece of print art. 

Be sure to head over to Anka's Deviant Art page or Tumblr site to check out more of his amazing work. We're off to see if any of us can draw a cape that doesn't look like a feeble shower curtain. 

(Images: Kris Anka)

[Via: Geek Art]


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