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Subway punch bags in China

Let off steam, get on train

Subway punch bags in China
11 August 2011

Not that we've ever suffered from deep, crippling anger issues but there have been times when waiting for an increasingly late train has made us feel like we can't control our feelings any longer.

While we may get this out of our system by popping some Black Sabbath on the iPod or kicking the wall when no-one's looking, in China they've got a much better idea.

Adidas have installed padded punch bags at the Xujiahui subway station to give frustrated commuters a more efficient way of calming down. While this should help reduce attacks on subway staff, it might also tackle the growing problem of obesity in China.

Either way, we want them here as well. Oh and maybe at airports. Oh and maybe restaurants. Better put them in supermarkets too. Yeah, maybe we should look into that anger thing...

(Image: Barcroft Media)