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'Stranger Things' cast helps out fan after no one came to his party

A lovely gesture

'Stranger Things' cast helps out fan after no one came to his party
Tom Victor
23 March 2018

Stranger Things has already had a huge impact on kids, people who wish they were still kids, and people who have fond memories of being kids.

The young cast members of the ‘80s-themed show are taking home huge amounts per episode, but it’s hard to get too angry at them when you hear more and more about what they get up to off-screen.

Stranger Things was the show Netflix viewers watched as a family more than any other in 2017, so the latest show of support from its stars is even more appropriate.

It all began with a birthday party for Aaron Alambat, a young fan of the show: the cake was designed perfectly, while the theme continued with fairy lights and even a cooler of ‘Demogorgon Blood’. The only thing missing, sadly, was an appearance from Aaron’s friends.

While it was already clear his pals were missing out (seriously, would you look at that spread), things got better for Aaron when he got birthday wishes from the unlikeliest sources.

The tweet from his sister quickly gained critical mass until it was seen by the cast of the show, who – you guessed it – would have loved to have got an invite.

Even Barb (may she rest in peace) lent her support.

Here’s hoping they come through and pay one of their biggest fans a visit for his next birthday. 

By then, we might have even seen the full third season of the programme - it has been renewed already, though we’re yet to receive an official release date.

(Images: Twitter)