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'Bad Lip Reading' have gone for 'Stranger Things' and the results are just brilliant

It's still total genius

'Bad Lip Reading' have gone for 'Stranger Things' and the results are just brilliant
12 December 2017

’What constitutes as art’ is a debate for more complicated than your dad believes as he’s walking round the Tate Modern pointing at every paining and claiming, “That’s bollocks, I could do that”.

However, there’s one thing we know for sure, and that’s that Bad Lip Reading is definitely art. It’s just a fact, we don’t make the rules.

If there’s a big cultural event, you can bet Bad Lip Reading will come along to parody it at some point. They’ve come for the likes of Star Wars, the NFL and Donald Trump before, and now it’s the turn of one of 2017’s biggest hit shows, Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Much like its initial run, Stranger Things 2 was incredibly tense. This version however? Yeah, not so much…

Going above and beyond their usual remit, Bad Lip Reading have morphed the show into an ‘80s family dramedy, complete with brand new title credits.

They’ve managed to create an 18-minute long alternate version of the show, which kind of somehow makes sense despite the fact that all the characters are talking total nonsense at all times.

After the news that we might not get to see Stranger Things 3 until 2019, we need everything we can get to tide us over, so take your phone to the toilet and watch this in your lunch break. If your boss get angry, tell them its our fault. I’m sure that’ll go down fine.

(Image: Netflix)