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Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s inauguration is so f*cking perfect

Just when you thought Trump couldn't sound more idiotic

Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s inauguration is so f*cking perfect
26 January 2017

Considering the garbled nonsense that emerges from Donald Trump’s trap on a daily, if not hourly basis, you could be forgiven for thinking the wry folk behind Bad Lip Reading would have a challenge in making America’s newest president sound any more of an idiot.

Well, they’ve achieved it with aplomb, turning the mogul’s otherwise drab inauguration into something rather special with lines like, “I personally puked at a cage fight”, “The goldfish of pre-teens never had a chance” and “Then I chewed an awful lot of cheese” – which might explain his complexion. It’s a masterclass of mirth.

Far from just muting the nationalistic discourse, other highlights include odd banter with Obama and after party ballroom dancing to nothing but the sound of Trump’s own voice. Trust us, you’ve never lived until you’ve heard Mike Pence sounding like Michael Cera after guzzling ten cans of Red bull.

Who knows, this might even top the spoof video from a Dutch TV show that went viral yesterday, and should you want to see another alternative, bluster-free video of the inauguration, look no further than our very own ode to the big event we created last week:

Let’s keep the satire up and we will make America Great Again.