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There's a very easy way to stop spiders from coming into your house/bed/mouth

We'll be stocking up on this

There's a very easy way to stop spiders from coming into your house/bed/mouth
Tom Victor
03 October 2017

Even if you weren’t scared of spiders before, you probably are now.

You’ve probably been made aware of all those eight-legged freaks on their way to bang in your bed, and even if you’re one of the weird few who finds spiders cute, this isn’t exactly an appealing thought.

If you somehow missed that news, you probably at least caught the recent update. You know, the one where it was made very clear that the number of spiders heading to these shores for mating season is scarily high. Like, 150 million high.

Don’t worry, though, there is a way to minimise the risk and – hopefully – keep the wolf from the door. Except, in this example, the wolf is millions of spiders and the door is… well, it’s still a door, but with spiders on the other side.

Outside… for now

In much the same way as vampires can’t stand garlic and racists go running at the first mention of halal food, there are a couple of things that act as a kind of reverse-catnip for spiders.

According to DeadPestz, which sounds like what your 11-year-old brother would call his new rock band, the key is peppermint oil.

You’re advised to apply the stuff to doorways and other entrances to your house and flat, either on its own or – as suggested by some other sites – in combination with vinegar.

Both should be easy enough to pick up from your local supermarket, so there’s no real excuse for not bothering if you’re that concerned - spiders hate the stuff, and it’s sure to sent them scarpering.

Make your house smell minty fresh and keep the spiders at bay at the same time

Be sure to spray it in the types of nooks and crannies spiders love in particular, and also putting it around doors and windows is a good idea - basically anywhere you think they might make an unwanted entrance to your home.

So yes, you might have found yourself terrified by the rush of spider-related horror stories of late, but you’re far from powerless.

Unless, that is, you live in Australia. Then you’re fucked.

(Images: Rex / iStock)