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Stephen King reveals plans for potential 11.22.63 sequel

Stephen King reveals plans for potential 11.22.63 sequel

Stephen King reveals plans for potential 11.22.63 sequel


Following the finale of Hulu miniseries 11.22.63 last week, that would have been the thought on the minds of many fans keen to see James Franco’s Jake Epping take another trip down the rabbit hole.

Based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, the sci-fi thriller came in for very positive reviews (fans in the UK can currently catch it on Fox) - and now it appears the author himself isn’t completely against a return.

Speaking during a Q&A on the show’s Facebook page, King was asked about the chances of a sequel and spin-off. Cagey at first ("I’d love to revisit Jake and Sadie, and also revisit the rabbit hole that dumps people into the past, but sometimes it’s best not to go back for a second helping") the writer then went onto reveal the plotline he’d like to expand on if a second helping ever came to fruition:

“If I were to write a sequel, it would be about Jake trying to stop unscrupulous people from using the rabbit hole to change the past in some terrible way,” said King.

While the TV series deviated extensively from the book, which saw Epping originally time jump to 1958, rather than show up in 1960 as in the TV show (born as much out of fitting it all into eight episodes as anything), King’s clearly been enjoying his role as executive producer, boding well for any potential follow-up.

One interesting nugget to come out of the Q&A was when King admitted to being “scared to death” about writing about real life figures including Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK: “I felt a little like Jake, messing with the past. 11.22.63 was my first stab at a novel with actual historical figures in it, and I felt like I was actually watching them come to life,” he added.

Stephen King scared? Know he knows how it feels.

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