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Stephen King just described this Netflix horror as a work of genius

Kingy Boy luuurves it!

Stephen King just described this Netflix horror as a work of genius
18 October 2018

Gone and made a scary movie or TV show, have you? Written a spooky book, is it? Probably want people to like it, right? Want them to find it: spooky. Of course you do, but who is the person you want to like it the most? It’s Stephen King, isn’t it? You want Stephen King to like it because he is the Horror Man, and he know loads about horror - you could even stretch so far as to call him a “horror expert”. Maybe he even invented horror? Who knows.

Anyway, a man named Mike Flanagan has created a horror TV show called The Haunting of Hill House, which you might have noticed has had all sorts of praise heaped on it recently, and now Stephen King has confirmed that likes it. Big Dog Horror Hound Stevie King-O absolutely loves it! The dream is achieved and all of your horror-based viewings have been validated. You thought it was high-quality, King has confirmed it.

You see,  Steve the Vampire King obviously watched Hill House, and upon completion, took to his Twitter (the scariest Twitter of them all) and said this:

That’s some pretty high praise, right there.

Particularly as Flanagan is clearly a fan of The Man They Call SK, seeing as he directed Gerald’s Game, which is based on one of his books - he’s also set to direct Doctor Sleep, an adaptation of the sequel to The Shining. He has made his horror dad proud, he has made Steve the Scary Serpent of Scares proud - it’s all he wanted to do.

If you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about then you can binge the wet hell out of the show on Netflix right here.

(Image: Netflix)