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Yet ANOTHER Stephen King adaptation is heading your way

King’s 2002 novel about a big American car with a hidden secret is set for cinemas soon

Yet ANOTHER Stephen King adaptation is heading your way
26 July 2018

Stephen King, has lots, of adaptations, in the works, at the moment. Too many to bother counting, it may seem, because once you’ve landed on a nice figure, one more comes along and messes it all up - drat! Like today, when another King adaptation was announced, upending the previous figure and throwing our worlds into disarray.

The latest book to receive the cinematic treatment is King’s 2002 From a Buick 8, which draws on his experience with big American cars, à la Christine. This time round however, we’re not dealing with a killer car, we’re dealing with one that hides a terrible secret. Cars are complex, we suppose. 

What is From a Buick 8 about?

The story is set in Statler, Pennsylvania, and involves a mysterious 1954 Buick Roadmaster being kept by the state police in a strange shed for over 20 years. Then, this being King, weird stuff happens and people soon discover that the car is actually a door to another dimension, obviously. Could’ve guessed that coming a mile away - amateurs.

The book has been on the adaptation menu for a while now, with George A Romero (Night Of The Living Dead) wanting to adapt it back in 2005, before it changed hands to Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) in 2007, but it all went to pot in 2009 over financing.


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Only now has it properly gained traction, under the watchful eye of William Brent Bell, a horror director who has made some bad films, and some good ones. Luckily, one of the good ones was The Boy, which was extremely underrated and comes with a hearty recommendation, should you enjoy films about creepy dolls. Silly question, that, really - everyone loves films about creepy dolls, don’t they? Creepy dolls are the best.


Anyway, that’s the latest addition to a giant list - we really are all living in Stephen King’s world at the moment. Something he recognised, when he spoke to Vulture last year:

“In 1922, when Wilfred says, ‘We had a really good year for corn then,’ well, I had a really good year for corn this year.

“There are other factors: Some of the recent things have been successful, like the miniseries of 11.22.63, and I think when that happens, people say to themselves, ‘If X succeeds, maybe Y will.’ But I’d like to think a lot of it is just the material, that people see something in these stories that would be visually arresting.”

No complaints here, Steve - happy for the adaptation train to continue steaming on. Long live King!

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