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Starbucks to make UK coffee stronger

Who needs sleep anyway?

Starbucks to make UK coffee stronger

If you're either a) addicted to coffee or b) frequently in the vicinity of someone who is, then please take note. Things are about to change.

In a bid to make coffee drinkers even more annoying to be around, Starbucks have announced that they'll be making their coffees even stronger.

Later this month, lattes, cappuccinos and other coffee drinks will have one extra espresso shot. It's just being rolled out in the 743 UK shops for now and prices won't be affected. Baristas are also being trained to make milk more "velvety".

While the move isn't going to go down well with health experts, Starbucks are hoping it will help them win the coffee war with their rivals. Mainly because their customers will be so blinded by their caffeine addiction, they'll be unable to think straight.

It's all down to some research which shows a 60% rise in people wanting an extra coffee shot in their lattes. There are no current plans to roll the scheme out in other countries, meaning that mass sleep deprivation will be limited to just Britain for now.

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(Image: Rex Features)