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Spraying power

Smell better for longer

Spraying power
31 July 2011

A new breed of deodorant boasts extraordinary longevity — but that’s not a green light to avoid the shower…

(Image: Max Oppenheim)

From left to right:

Bleu de Chanel Spray Deodorant £20 for 100ml by CHANEL; 020-7493 3836.

Men Expert 96-Hour Spray Deodorant £2.44 for 150ml by L’OREAL PARIS MEN EXPERT; available nationwide.

Big Pony Body Spray £15 for 200ml by POLO RALPH LAUREN; available nationwide.

Invisible For Black & White £3.22 for 250ml by NIVEA FOR MEN; Boots stores nationwide.

Cool Spray £7.50 for 200ml by RITUALS;

V8 Anti-Perspirant Deodorant £2.61 for 150ml by SURE MEN;