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Spotify's new dedicated Kids app is music to the ears for adults

Say goodbye to playlists polluted by Peppa Pig sing-alongs

Spotify's new dedicated Kids app is music to the ears for adults
Danielle de Wolfe
31 October 2019

Discovering your child has casually stumbled upon the lyrical delights of Eminem’s Kamakazi album whilst using your Spotify account might just rank up there on the list of every parent's worst nightmares.

Thankfully, Spotify are at hand to avert such a nightmare, as the music platform has announced a dedicated app specifically got kids.

Exclusively available to those with a Spotify Premium Family subscription - and undoubtedly a move to boost family plan subscribers - the new Spotify Kids app is set to make life easier for parents hoping to keep their children entertained without the need to worry about their activity.

Children will be able to listen to music both offline and online, explore curated playlists and listen to recommended tracks in much the same way the regular Spotify app allows.

The only major difference will be the use of automatic song filtering to remove explicit content - after all, no one wants their five year old busting out the lyrics to Greenday’s ‘Dominated Love Slave’ at the dinner table.

The app aims to give children more independence by allowing them to have their own app - as opposed to logging into their parent’s main account with a different set of credentials.

It’s also got a brand new look, swapping Spotify’s neon green and black colour scheme for a vibrant cartoon-filled experience.

Spotify's new dedicated Kids app is music to our ears

Another big change is that the app’s playlists are also set to be curated by humans rather than automated algorithms.

And with a host of new browsable content to choose from - including top hits, activities (such as homework and bedtime), movies and TV, genres, seasonal, Spotify Originals, artists, groups, and stories all available at the touch of a screen, kids have never had more freedom.

It’s also worth mentioning that the app isn’t just for toddlers, with a range of content that caters to a host of ages that are not yet ready to access the adult app.

Parents will also be able to select their child’s age group upon set-up, ensuring a further tailored selection of sing-along tracks and curated playlists will be available.

The visuals and child-like characters also change depending on the specified age of the child - with older children receiving more detailed, intricate designs.

Available to download from Google Play and on the App Store, the app is available as part of Spotify’s Premium Family plan and costs £14.99 per month.