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Here’s how to find out what you listened to the most in 2018 on Spotify

You may find a few surprises

Here’s how to find out what you listened to the most in 2018 on Spotify
Tom Victor
06 December 2018

We all pretend to have impeccable tastes in music, but it turns out we’re being spied on the whole time.

Spotify has been keeping a record of what we’ve been listening to throughout 2018, just as they did in 2017, so we can share just how much we love certain bands and artists.

So, when you’re telling everyone you’ve only been listening to Mercury-nominated acts and obscure soloists yet to release their first full-length album, it helps if you’ve actually been doing that.

If you’ve been listening exclusively to ‘90s cheese and quickly clicking away whenever someone walks in the room… well, people will find out.

You’re probably wondering how to find out what you’ve had playing in 2018, even if you might not be comfortable sharing the results afterwards.

To get things moving, head over to and connect with your account for a run-through of your 2018 from start to finish.

You’ll begin by seeing the first song you listened to in 2018, either when you were on your way back from New Year’s festivities or, perhaps, overcoming your hangover a few hours later.

You’ll also be able to find how many minutes you spent listening to music this year, a figure which is likely to terrify you.

Just to put things into context, two hours of commuting per day across 260 weekdays will amount to just over 30,000 minutes – why not see how your total compares.

You’ll get two playlists, too – one documenting the music you’ve listened to the most this year, and one full of recommendations for what you should check out in the coming 12 months.

The latter is entitled ‘Tastebreakers’, and includes – in Spotify’s words – “genres and artists you don’t usually explore”.

Oh, and would it really be a Spotify ‘wrapped’ list without mention of the artists and songs you’ve listened to the most, coupled with how long you’ve spent listening to your number one?

(Images: Spotify)