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Sequels to Split and Unbreakable announced


Sequels to Split and Unbreakable announced
27 April 2017

Look, I haven’t seen Split and I’ve just had it ruined this morning by reading a news article that announced its sequel, so basically, if you haven’t seen it either, and you don’t want it ruined, then genuinely don’t read the rest of this. If you don’t care, read on…


M. Night Shyamalan is known for his twisty-turny thrillers, and two of his most loved are 2000’s Unbreakable and last year’s Split. Well, he announced on Twitter yesterday that he’ll be making a sequel to them. That’s ONE sequel, not two sequels – the headline above was purposefully wrong to avoid spoilers. Here’s what he said:

So it turns out that both films are set in the same universe, which is great news to anyone that hasn’t seen Split, like me. I love spoilers. One of my favourites was when my mate told me that Bruce Willis was a ghost before I saw The Sixth Sense – whoops, SPOILER, sorry. Look, enough time has passed, grow up. If you don’t know perhaps the most famous twist of all time (that doesn’t hold up to an ounce of scrutiny, by the way), then you’re a lost cause.

Anyway, that’s two M. Night Shyamalan films ruined for me – well, three if you count The Village, but that was only ruined because it was shit.