Is this a glimpse of Elon Musk's plans for space tourism on Mars?


It would appear that Elon Musk is determined to erase the line between science fiction and reality.

SpaceX, Musk's spacecraft design and manufacturing company, has released a series of art deco travel posters that point towards its grand space-going ambitions.

Currently working to reduce the costs of space flight use with reusable rockets and new ship technology, this trio of posters hint at what these comparatively small steps are all working towards. Released on the company's Flickr page, they stand in stark contrast to the 'real-life' images of spaceship test flights and rocket launches.

It's horizon widening stuff, with each poster containing a footnote credit to the Mars Colonization and Tourism Assoc. A beautiful design piece enforcing Musk's real business plan, envisaging a future in which humankind lives on Mars.

Here's hoping it becomes a reality in our lifetime.

(Images: SpaceX)


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