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Southern Rail is now so awful that commuters are punching each other

Hurrah for rail franchising!

Southern Rail is now so awful that commuters are punching each other
12 October 2016

Just imagine being the person who mans the Southern Rail Twitter account. Every day must feel like wading into battle against a horde of angry, angry people. And the worst thing is, you'd know it was probably all justified.

The rail operator continued their courageous quest to become the most hated brand in the UK following the commencement of a new three day strike on Monday by the RMT union, whose actions are broadly supported by commuters, with services - already legendarily unreliable - being reduced to over a third. To add insult to injury, this weekend engineering work between Brighton and Gatwick Airport overran, resulting in even more delays and cancellations.

Predictably, this latest chaos stretched the patience of commuters even more than usual, with some people clearly reaching the end of their tether, with reports of swearing and punches being thrown.

Good luck getting on those trains...

One traveller used the latest chaos to bring back an old classic:

And who could resist sharing this evergreen gif?

If you want to soothe your soul with more howling into the void from fellow unfortunates, you can find 21 more reasons why Southern Rail really is the devil's rail operator right here.