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Sansa Stark just dropped a significant Game of Thrones spoiler

Some major Sansa Stark news within

Sansa Stark just dropped a significant Game of Thrones spoiler

Ten weeks. That's how long we have to wait until season six of Game of Thrones plunges us back into winter.

Yet every day that edges us closer to 24 April seems to bring with it another tantalising tease of the season's events.

Take Sophie Turner's seemingly innocuous appearance at the Oscars last night: interviewed by E! News, she let slip a single detail that will radically change your enjoyment of Sansa Stark's journey over the next ten episodes. 

(This is when the spoilers start)

Sansa Stark will not die in the events of season six. 

No, it's not as much of a gem as "What are the White Walkers doing?" or "Who is Jon Snow's real mother?" - but we probably won't have answers to those questions until the close of HBO's series.

Turner's brief slip totally undermines any moment of peril Sansa Stark might face over the next few episodes of the season.

"Things aren't looking good for Sansa! She might be the next to go!" Nope. She'll be fine. She'll worm her way out of it. There's no knife/arrow/pair of thumbs waiting for our Sansa until 2017 at the earliest. 

Unless she dies, only to be resurrected as an evil shell of her former self, intent on revenge against the Lannisters?

Nah, they only do that sort of nonsense in the books...